Today 16th of Nov 2019

Slight weather improvement: Humid air over the Alps.

The weather

In the afternoon dry conditions with some sunny spells. During night a new front with widespread precipitations will reach the region from the east. Snow level between 800 and 1200 m. Maximum temperatures between 3° and 7°.

Mountain weather

Cloudy weather with some local snowfall. During evening from the Dolomites stronger snowfall.

Tomorrow 17th of Nov 2019

Precipitations: A low over the Gulf of Genoa will bring humid air masses to the Alps.

The weather

It will rain and snow. The largest amounts of precipitation will fall in the eastern part of the region, less in the west around Reschen. Snowfall line between 1000 and 2000 m. High temperatures between 2° and 7°.

Mountain weather

Widespread and heavy snowfall, on the eastern and central mountains between 50 and 80 cm fresh snow. Level of snowfall will rise in the east towards 2000 m. Very strong wind on the higher peaks.

The next days

monday 18
Very cloudy
max: 7°
min: -1°
tuesday 19
Dull, sleet
max: 6°
min: -1°
wednesday 20
Very cloudy
max: 9°
min: -1°
thursday 21
Very cloudy
max: 10°
min: -1°

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